Monday is Valentine’s Day anno 2011. In a recent rummage of what I am now referring to as my ‘memory’ box (blogged about earlier), I came across – amazingly enough – a Valentine card I received anno 1975.  At the risk of revealing my age (which no women in her right mind does at mine), I was on the verge of turning 11 then – and I believe the author of this missive was ‘around’ the same age.

I can only imagine what my reaction was then. If the truth be told I did not even realise I had kept it, however I can tell you that even today, it made me giggle, blush and smile. Giggle in that girlish innocence of knowing that someone ‘liked’ you. Smile in that warm feeling deep within of being liked. This reaction, and reflection on the words expressed took me back to my primary school days and how we, then, acknowledged Valentine’s Day – the day of lovers and love, of affection and warm, cuddly feelings.

More often than not, in the days leading up to THE day, elaborately decorated ‘anonymous’ cards were placed in a box, only to be distributed on THE day. Needless to say, there were many emotions when that happened – and an awful lot of giggling! There were those elated by receiving many cards, those disappointed by not receiving one from the ONE they expected, those in tears from those who received none. The day was alive with emotion whichever way you looked at it.

I do not know if it was innocence that made me oblivious of the commercialization of this day. Possibly, the levels of commercialism were less then. All of a sudden I have a yearning for the card I found from way back then – the heart wrenching, innocent and searingly vulnerable emotions of then. I have this melancholy feeling that the words this particular poet and ‘lover’, who signed off as ‘S’, found then would be hard to come by today.

This was no Hallmark card – this was real!

So, I share his words with you in the hopes that each can find, in their memory box or elsewhere, that moment which is Valentine’s Day.

Signed, with hugs, kisses, little hearts and pretty flowers,

Your Valentine :).