I am no longer a self conscious, unsure teenager living far from home. I am an adult, a mother, mature – though still living far from home. When I was a teenager writing aerogrammes home (from boarding school in England to my parents in Iran), I did not, sorry let me emphasise this, DID NOT appreciate the red ink corrected aerogrammes that came back.. You see, my mother was, is, an English language teacher, and a perfectionist to boot and she simply could not resist the chance to correct, to teach … Today, as an adult, and a mother myself, I get it …. This was a case of parenting, teaching and loving from long distance – long before email, Facebook and Skype. It was her way of sharing what she knew and had to share to ensure that her child was set on the right path: the basic instinct of parenting, right?!

My father, like many fathers, often caught in that uncertain battle ground of mothers and daughters, is still uber sensitive to this issue. He has cautioned my mother about correcting mistakes in my blogs for fear of ‘upsetting me’, just leave it alone he says, and if opportunity presents itself tells me himself, oh so cautiously, about mistakes he has noticed. Yes, this probably says a lot about me and my reaction to criticism, but I would like to leave that issue aside for the moment ….

The circle is complete, maturity has prevailed. I, and my mother have moved on – in our communication and mutual respect – today she volunteered to be my virtual editor, and I accepted. Thank you Mummy for caring. Thank you Daddy for protecting. I can now say – ‘all grammatical mistakes are not the responsibility of the author’ …but of her mother 🙂 ….

Told you the circle was complete ……