I admit it. I am a WBII junkie! I cannot get enough of the women I meet, the passions I see, the determination I perceive nor the commitment I see from my fellow members. I often wonder what, exactly, I am doing here – as I am convinced each time that I miss THEIR business acumen, drive, persistence, whatever … and yet, like an addict, I come back, again and again, for more of the inspiration, motivation and support I find.

As a member of the Steering Committee I guess you could say I am not only an addict, but a dealer. I want more and more women to be part of this den of business acumen and inspiration. I want more drugs – more inspiration – more members. So, at the last Steering Committee meeting I volunteered (yes, that is another of my ‘addictions’), to write a follow up of a workshop I had signed up for ….. my addiction drove me, I had to do it – tell others what we experienced.

It was not my intention to write a piece to make people feel sorry for what they had missed – I simply wanted to share what we had gained, those of us who were there. But, sorry gals, you did in fact miss something – an opportunity that was handed to our members on a silver spoon free of charge or obligation – to make their businesses the best they could be. It was an opportunity which was offered to us, and only us. Why? Because we were MEMBERS of the WBII!

Syntens – an initiative of the ministry of Economic Affairs to stimulate growth and innovation sent us one of their Consultants. He was there to assist us in scanning and evaluating new directions for our business. Innovation is change; change is adaptation to opportunities; opportunities are what we ALL need to be aware of and look for …. HOW do we do that? Well, he had no answers, nor professed to have them – what he did was release among the members present the answers we all had – for ourselves AND for one another. The interior designer got an idea from the learning and development consultant; the networker was inspired by a thought from the photographer and the coffee entrepreneur; the business coach had insight for the career development coach …. I LOVE my drug and cannot understand why more of my fellow members are not as addicted as I am to the WBII and what it can facilitate for its members!