It has been a little bit of a hobby horse for me, the fact that the international status of the city has as much to do with the international individuals in it and their contributions to the socio-economic development and character of the city, as it does with the presence of international organisations. And, while cooking up an (international) supper for the family, I figured out a way of ‘riding this horse’ on my website and blog! An ‘aha’ moment you might say.

For the last year I have been contributing to my neighbourhood association magazine with articles based on interviews with THE internationals, the individuals (at least those in my neighbourhood) who have made a contribution, impact to this city’s character. This gave me an opportunity to write some more, and truth be told, be published, but it was also a fulfilling process – and I have gotten to know some people really well in the meantime.

However, why should sharing the presence, energy and contribution of these individuals be restricted to those who live in my neighbourhood? Why indeed? I have a platform and have decided to use it to upload what I have written, and continue to write about those internationals I meet and have yet to meet who in actual fact give ‘body’ to the city’s international stature.

I have a website (yeah wordpress) where I can create pages, decide what is put where, when  … it is up to me when and where I can profile those I have written about, as well as share and celebrate the many more ‘internationals’ I meet along the way.

Who are these ‘internationals’ of which I speak? They are as varied and complex as the global/international world in which we live. Among them are: people such as myself – once arrived as an expat , returned as a repat and now simply ‘part of the scenery’. They include people of many other nationalities who for one reason or another have found themselves, or chosen to make their home, in The Hague – ‘love pats’, kennismigranten included. Not to be forgotten are those who came for a job, and are still here, those who came looking for opportunity – and found it, and those who stumbled upon the Netherlands on their way elsewhere. Then there are the ‘true’ expats – those who are here for a fixed period of time, destined to depart but not without leaving a mark. All of us, together, are the international community of The Hague!

Keep an eye on the ‘International Network’ page of my site …. there I look forward to introducing these internationals to you, and showcasing their contributions to the local international scene.