YEAH!! Our own CRAVE – in The Hague. A few posts ago – my first in 18+months I believe, I made the claim that CRAVE was not so much a manifesto as it was a testament: to the  drive, creativity and perseverance of women. (to quote myself). Well, last night at the Womens Business Initiative I was thrilled to learn that they, the WBI, are building on its mission to be a platform for and of entrepreneurial women and will be the coordinating point for Europe’s second edition of the popular CRAVE manifestos. Building on the success of the first European version of this phenomenon in Amsterdam, entrepreneurial women of The Hague and surrounding areas have their own opportunity to profile themselves, their achievements, their determination and, more importantly their business.

In my mind, any way you cut it CRAVE is about opportunity. For a two page spread including tailored photos (taken at no extra cost) and a text describing your business, CRAVE The Hague could well simply be considered an advertising opportunity – but there is a catch, in your favour! This is an advertising opportunity with the chance to cover your costs AND expand your exposure AND/OR provide you with a unique gift for your preferred clients. Seriously, benefits are multiple.

Here is how it works: you sign up, agree to buy 50 copies of the book (@500 euros), provide editors with information for text on your business, make an appointment with a professional photographer provided by CRAVE partners to have you/your business photographed for the book, agree to attend a ‘buzz’ launch party with all the other participants in the book and for two years benefit from the exposure – exposure provided by each and every participants own network.

The books which you ultimately buy at cost price (your 500 euros to be in it), can in fact be sold for a retail price which means, in fact, to cover your costs you only have to in fact ‘sell’ half of the books you have purchased. The others you can give away, use as PR material, display, give to family members, whatever. Seriously, how many advertising opportunities are out there where ‘earning’ the investment is in your hands? There is more: everyone in the book has a ‘different’ network, a different and varied group of people with whom they share the book – expose you, and you, them. And social media support links and feeds are added to the investment of your participation: logos and links on the CRAVE homepages; twitter feeds; facebook pages … you name it, varied exposure is guaranteed!

It is about Girl Power! That is why I have signed up to be in CRAVE The Hague – and I look forward to meeting more people like me, in the book or at the buzz party! 🙂

For more information about the CRAVEparty phenomenon and the books from across the US, Canada, and now Europe – visit CRAVE. To be a part of The Hague CRAVE buzz, and reserve your double spread in the book, contact suzy(@)