I have just read the most exciting book about global living – expatriation – relocation. The Mobile Life: A new approach to moving anywhere is genuinely the most useful reading for expats, their partners, their employers and the families and people around them to be published in a long time. And, to make it even more attractive, it is highly readable, for the authors have interspersed their ‘action plan’ with the real adventures undertaken by Sir Ernst Shackleton in 1914.

Key lies in the preparation

What, you may ask is the co-relation between the ‘adventures’ of professionals embarking on global careers and an intrepid explorer who dared to attempt to cross the Antarctic at the beginning of the century? Well, preparing for the unknown with resources you have, but may need to adjust, and making a conscious and active decision to embark on an adventure, and prepare for it are just some of the shared characteristics of these stories. And, authors Diane Lemieux and Anne Parker, themselves both successful global nomads, use the theories of change management to show us how.

A toolkit for expatriation

This is no ordinary book this is insightful, practical and based on many truths from the business & academic world, and family experiences of thousands of modern day adventurers. For those embarking on the journey, reading this will give them the confidence and steps to succeed, and for those who manage a growing globally mobile workforce, in reading it they will understand what their staff/colleagues are really embarking upon and therefore be better equipped to assist.

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